Knowledge of the need to pay attention to plastic surgery


Artificial beauty and natural beauty, have to experience the natural aging process of life. In all ages of life, the body and the skin will have a great change, which is the normal physiological changes, who also can not escape. Some natural double fold eyelid, when young, eye week skin compact, very nice, at the age of 40, skin relaxation, drooping eyelids down the, would not look good, then you need to do eyelid elevation or eye rhytidectomy to improve. Therefore, 30 years of age to do plastic surgery, to the age of 50 is not necessarily the United states. In foreign countries, conditional will hire a personal trainer, for themselves for cosmetic surgery and long-term planning, so as to achieve the purpose of their youth. Many people have the misunderstanding, thought to do liposuction weight can alleviate many, in fact, fat component very light, the real human body weight is muscle and bone. After the fat sucked won’t lose much weight, but it will reduce local fat volume. Therefore, liposuction surgery not let your weight reduce how much, but let you shape a more symmetrical, so, liposuction is also called body sculpture. Cosmetic surgery aims to make people more beautiful, but the operation always leave edge, if edge grow into the scar and had beautiful desire to run in the opposite direction. In order to prevent scar formation. After the operation 3 ~ 10 weeks in the wound collagen metabolism of the most productive period with elastic bandage the oppression of the wound, scar hyperplasia has good effect on preventing. Wound healing repair period (from 3 to April), as far as possible to eat spicy food, so as not to stimulate the wound capillaries and collagen metabolism to produce scar. In addition, in the early stage of the scar smear steroid ointment, but also have a certain effect, but the old scar is invalid. The treatment project for the laser and IPL Beauty is not the same, but the IPL belongs to the category of laser beauty. Laser treatment of some of the main pigment loss of skin diseases, such as Tada mole, coffee spot, the color of the text, such as the color of the wash, etc.. Photorejuvenation are the most used is the treatment with age and UV light induced skin blemishes and aging, such as to eliminate or reduce all kinds of stains, wipe the surface above the age of 30 consumer skin cosmetic.aipxtknet20160823b

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