OCD treatment


Diagnosis of OCD among the core requirements is that these thoughts and behaviors caused severe depression, causing damage functions, or spend too much time, thus disrupting daily life. Unavoidably inspection lights, appliances, faucets are closed, the gas is turned off, if all the doors are locked, the windows are all closed up. These behaviors may be cautious rather than illness, especially when preparing a journey tourism, travel time. However, repeated again and again, constantly checking yourself late for work two hours to die. Systematically organize files, see their work procedural arrangements, organize files cleared the table, these are good work habits. However, if repeated and ritualized form of repeatedly doing these things, which accounted for most of the work to their own time, it shows the nature of OCD has formed a psychological barrier. You can refer to Appendix V to perform self-diagnosis of OCD. Once compulsive thinking interfere with normal mental activity, on the one hand will affect the intellectual level of play, on the other hand can also cause psychological pressure, so that patients feel more self-esteem, stress and anxiety, seriously affected the normal life and study.

Once diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder, they should actively psychotherapy. Treatment for the onset of the foundation, is the first principle of treating obsessive-compulsive disorder. Many patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder and past misfortunes and had been subjected to psychological trauma. The inner pain, fear and nervousness heartily vent out, it reduces the fear, to ease the tension. Treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder can not take hard against measures should be gradual. You can try the following methods when conducting patient self-adjustment.

1 any of its natural. For anything its course, done no longer think about it, there is no worry about the doors and windows did not shut off even better, things did not pick up on the first neat as children chant …… to devote some time to try to overcome the resulting band to anxiety, obsessive-compulsive symptoms will gradually disappear.

2. Catharsis. Tell their own tension, as his past had been a scene or sometime misfortune, psychological trauma and fear of long-term psychological, emotional pain of the heart heartily let it out. You know, tell their own tension, it eased the tension; express their fears, will reduce the fear.

3 divert attention. When symptoms appear forced to find ways to divert attention from the reality of symptoms as soon as possible, to get rid of the pain.

4 do perfectionist. Psychology experts indicate that the majority of OCD patients have a perfectionist personality. In fact, everyone should learn to take an optimistic attitude towards work, study and life, people and things are not too serious, of course, he is absolutely no need for overly harsh. In addition, patients are also particularly need to improve understanding of OCD, learn the correct treatment, timely diversion, distraction mental stress and anxiety, be relaxed sexual stimulation, improve emotional state, psychological adjustment function, enhance rehabilitation beliefs, and thus relieve obsessive-compulsive symptoms.


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