How to avoid running injuries joints


There are a lot of runners like to run the mountain, and, in recent years, popular downhill run, allegedly ran so more beneficial to health. However, some people worry that ran downhill easily lead to joint pain and joint problems, but the American Fitness Council fitness expert Chris Freitag pointed out that unless there is an old patient, otherwise not only will not cause injury to run cross country, but to train muscle balance force, maintain a healthy weight. All these factors help to avoid injury. Research found that running in the fresh air, then, because the runners to cope with the wind and terrain changes, can burn more calories. In addition, experts also given way to avoid running injuries to joints, that is adjusted according to the condition of the body. If the downhill run will lead to joint pain or soreness, can be changed to run uphill, downhill, reduce your feet by the impact.
Additionally, you can choose softer ground running, the best option is to sand the floor or in the mud, if the words are hard, asphalt better than concrete road. If the traffic is not busy road, you can choose not to run the sidewalk, and the edge of the highway running at large.


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