Middle-aged men lose weight


Scientists believe that 99% of the human body are vast deposits of reserve energy, exercise can mobilize the potential of this part of the reversal of the aging process. No matter what age, exercise can maintain bone strength, improve heart and lung function, improve skin elasticity and helps the body absorb nutrients. There are many ways movement, such as walking, jogging, gymnastics and other sports, fitness, everyone can choose the appropriate sports according to their specific situation, if we continue to exercise one hour a day of moderate intensity (equivalent to 6,000 steps energy consumption) so that excessive intake of energy can be consumed through exercise, balanced energy. As long stick balanced diet, proper nutrition combined with proper exercise can maintain a healthy weight, reduce disease and promote health. Men, especially middle-aged man, most likely fat, so to physical and mental health, or to pay more attention in terms of diet and lifestyle, avoid excessive grow stout, obesity can cause many diseases. Such as hypertension, diabetes and so on. Eat more fruits and less meat, especially pork, you can eat fish, try to light a good point. Do more exercise, such as jogging, hiking, biking, swimming, playing, etc., there is a fitness ball can lie flat on the fitness ball, feet flat on the ground, his hands on the cephalic, arms open. Under the chin to the chest slightly closed, breath, abdominal contraction lift the upper body about 45 degrees, hold for 2 seconds, then slowly return to starting position. To maintain balance, feet can be separated more and more. If you increase the difficulty, you can do your feet and up. There is also a very effective abdominal weight loss method using kneading action with massage cream is very good for improving fat. Massage can increase skin temperature, large consumption of energy, and promote bowel movements and reduce the intestinal absorption of nutrients, promote blood circulation, so that the excess water from the body. Navel as the center, playing in the abdomen of a question mark, question mark massage along, first to the right, on the left after each massage 30-50, the massage once a day.


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