Fruit Mask not directly attaining


In fact some components of fruits and vegetables do have their own role in skin care, but when it in fruits and vegetables, the structure of these molecules is great, can not penetrate the skin, it can not be absorbed through the skin; And, to insect bites, fruit and vegetable itself will contain some toxins, such as acid, etc. These ingredients can easily cause skin allergies; secondly, pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables will also harm the skin. Therefore, in addition to allowing the skin surface covered fruits and vegetables directly to obtain temporary moist, but you can say useless, and may even harm the skin. Admittedly, fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins, can play a certain skin effect. But if you want to achieve maximum skin of fruit and vegetable value, or should I use extracts of fruits and vegetables, such as seaweed extract, watermelon extract, etc., or use the distilled essence gel extraction, such as rose water. Through the use of highly refined vegetable extracts, can play a firming, moisturizing effect, fully meet all the nutritional needs of skin, so the skin is more glamorous.


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