Running along the beach not only fitness but also can whiten skin


Jogging is aerobic exercise can improve heart and lung function, blood vessel function, improve metabolism, improve physical agility and balance, but also to regulate body fat, develop a strong quality of patience. A lot of people like running on the beach, running and breathing fresh air, enjoying the feeling of sand foot massage.
Beach jogging benefits
1, running on the sand, not only train a person’s physique, and because the environment arrange their activities, to bring visual enjoyment and respiratory smooth also to some extent.
2, while running on the sand, in order to maintain the body’s balance, leg muscles bigger force than usual running, which can enhance the effect of exercise on muscle.
3, on the sand while running, ankle, knee, hip, waist and other parts of the joints to cooperate with each other, which can improve joint flexibility, improve heart and lung function activities; while sand can foot massage, promote blood circulation, improve immunity and tolerance to cold.
4, running on the sand, can stimulate the adrenal tissue vice promote hormone secretion, play the role of skin whitening!


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