Hungry for something to eat at night


Sometimes you feel hungry, are not really hungry, but because of lack of water in your body cells, the brain sends the wrong signal to be misled. Then drink a cup of green fruit and vegetable juices not only replenish natural moisture, but also an effective solution to hunger, while slowly releasing fructose, have to relax the nerves and promote sleep effect. Green apples, carrots, celery, green grapes, cucumbers, asparagus, cabbage, etc. are good material for the production of green fruit and vegetable juices. Cut them into small pieces, add some milk, honey and a little ice, and then use a blender to drink. Do not think that will get fat dairy products before going to bed to eat! Yogurt is rich in probiotics, could have been fat accumulation, promote lipolysis, with unexpected slimming effect, in particular, can help clear the lower body fat. Moreover, probiotics also regulate the intestinal flora balance, eliminate spoilage bacteria and promote the removal of toxins, improve the intestinal immune system, detoxifies the effectiveness of play. If you do not stay up all night, but also suggest you add some fruit, fresh fruit yogurt made ??with hypnotic efficacy of consumption. Fruit banana, papaya, kiwi, tomatoes, etc., both with sleep function, diced them to mix into yogurt. Like oats and potatoes, which can help you clear the gut of acidic substances affect sleep better relax, have a gentle hypnotic effect. First, oats can promote the release of an insulin your body, which helps insulin and tryptophan to reach the brain where it converted into serotonin, telling the brain “is the time to sleep.” Secondly, oats will be released in your uniform glucose during sleep to maintain blood sugar balance and prevent you nightmares during sleep because the study found that nearly forty percent of the nightmare caused by low blood sugar. Try black bread. Black bread made ??with wheat gluten, even if you are picky on food, it does not like its taste and texture, and it is rich in anti-inflammatory factors and dietary fiber, can also clear the gut of sleep acidic substances, and the growth of beneficial probiotic bacteria in the gut. The black bread slices and cucumber sandwiches made ??simple, healthy and delicious.


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