A method of weight loss

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A hard day’s work, home is the most comfortable matter nothing better than a hot bath, to eliminate fatigue and burning the fat, but also beauty. In the bathing process, warm water can make systemic blood vessel dilate, which can promote the blood circulation, will warm up, the upper and lower body at this time, the blood full flowing through each internal organs and muscles, and to promote the role of detoxification. At the same time, in the bath process, the pressure will stimulate the body, that is to stimulate the blood vessels and lymph system using water pressure, improve blood circulation, make The new supersedes the old. more vigorous. The effect of warm bubble bath, relax the muscles of the leg stiffness, leg soft, if coupled with the massage, leg fat can quickly cut. The whole body bath is as the name suggests the parts of the whole body soaked in hot water, and we introduce today repeated import type full bath, in after dipped stood up, and then continue to soak, in this way repeated import and soaking can enhance the perspiration effect. The whole body bath water temperature should be maintained at about 42 ℃, soak 3 minutes left in the bath tub, standing for 3 minutes to soak, repeated 3 times you can import. In the bath at the same time we must pay attention to avoid the water becomes cool, in order to bath after the body was still warm, can use cold water to flush the calf. The whole body soaked in hot water will play a warm effect, this time the body temperature will rise significantly, after the sweat glands and pores are expanding, so easy to emit large amounts of sweat, we all know that sweat is a common way of detoxification, the body of toxins and waste excreted with sweat. So the blood is filtered out, this way and enhance the health at the same time, it plays a role in skin care. In addition, the sebum and sweat will form a layer of protective film on the skin, the water lock effect, to prevent dry skin. Of course, compared with bath, shower effect is less obvious, so suggest you, if the conditions can often choose a way.


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