Sports and fitness foot injury prone


1. Beriberi. Summer is high season for athlete’s foot. Running and other sports aggravate foot sweat between the toes warm and humid environment most suitable for fungal crazy breed. Prevention: Wear lightweight moisture-proof synthetic material socks. After running, the timely replacement of dry socks, dry shoes. Do not see the light on sneakers, airtight bag or car. Treatment: antifungal cream applicator for at least 4 weeks. Add apple cider vinegar foot bath with warm water 10 minutes, you can relieve itching. If we do not bear fruit, you need to dermatologists prescribe oral antibiotics. 2 blisters. Blisters are the number one sports injury reasons, including: friction, excessive influx (feet sweating or wet weather), sports shoes too small, too large or too tight soles. Prevention: Research shows that the movement of running shoes fit incidence of less than 50%. The best spot to buy shoes late in the afternoon, because down the size of the foot will most number one day. If the toe blisters, wear the best “toe socks.” Also cast in the affected area Vaseline, sports lubricants, or bandaged have helped.
Treatment: 5 mm or less superficial blisters can not ignore it. However, if the blisters and pain continues to increase, then you can turn on the water with a sterile needle to break. Do blisters on the skin stripped off, cast antibacterial ointment.


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