Breathe through your nose look younger


Not consciously go when God opened the mouth breathing, snoring while sleeping, running gasping breath …… these small details will quietly bodily harm. Under normal circumstances, people should breathe through the nose, nose and nasal mucosa can filter the air of dust and viruses, and can in front of the air into the lungs, to regulate its humidity and temperature. Today, the air environment is getting worse, not filtered before adjusting mouth breathing air into the lungs causes the heavier burden of the lungs; mouth breathing is also likely to cause dry throat, sore throat, lips cracking; while easy to make tongue muscle recession, indirectly lead to facial muscle relaxation, people looked tired, listless, looks more aging. Prevention or correction of breathing patterns to do the following: a gradual switch to nose breathing. When aware of their own mouth breathing, we should remind ourselves instead nose. But note that began to change when most likely because of lack of air intake and hypoxia, causing symptoms such as headache or muscle aches, and therefore should be gradual and in accordance with the actual situation. Wear breathable masks. Haze days when many people would wear masks out dust, but be aware that if the mask poor ventilation, can cause local oxygen deficiency, people will subconsciously mouth breathing. Recommend wearing filtration, air permeability relatively good N95 masks, not to dust masks or multiple overlapping too heavy to wear masks. Exercise, keep their mouths shut. Do jogging, skipping and other sports, due to increased oxygen demand, many people big mouth breathing, which is also detrimental to the body, especially the invasion of cold air or dirty air, it will irritate the respiratory tract, but affect ventilation. Therefore, the movement kept my mouth shut as much as possible even with the nose, rhythmic ventilation. Take a deep breath, nasal inspiratory mouth breathing. Sigh, deep breathing can help relieve fatigue, people who have this habit of the best nose breathing, and then the gas spitted mouth.

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