Social phobia treatment


Individuals can not be separated from social interactions exist. But in real life, due to the physical, environmental, moral, psychological reasons, often difficult to carry out a smooth interaction between people, social frustration often come in our body. For the elimination of social frustration, we can proceed from the following aspects. Changing ideas in social interaction, people’s communication methods to gradually shift from an open exchanges closed contacts, exchanges transformed from passive to proactive communication, transformation to diversify from a single type of communication exchanges, for which people must first establish open concept. Second, we must establish the concept of equality, social equality is to achieve the best effect of the bridge, is one of the foundations to establish and maintain good relationships.
To establish the concept of good faith and trust, sincerity is the cornerstone of the social, of friendship, but also the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, is to open the door to the magic key to people’s hearts; trust is the key to building good relationships, it has a great impact force. Establish a good relationship of trust between people, and both sides would react cooperation, work together to achieve optimal results communication, social interaction process so as to constitute a virtuous cycle.
Enhance self-awareness in social interaction, to overcome psychological barriers to successfully interact with people, you should know yourself, know yourself, that their abilities, interests, personality, values ​​have a clear, stable and proper understanding and judgment. Self-awareness is the key to proper evaluation of their own, only to see their own strengths and advantages, but also for their own weaknesses and shortcomings, there should be a clear understanding. A lot of attention to communication arts exchanges of art, in general, the first four minutes is particularly important in a relationship in the first four minutes, we should pay attention to create a friendly and harmonious atmosphere, to find a common topic, master the furnace and the timing is good communication. Second, we must be good wind blows, observe each other round a show of hands, every move she makes between facial expressions and gestures, from which insight into each other’s mental activity, if we are not careful observation, you can not understand each other, often lead to interpersonal process. “short circuit. ”


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