Hot ginger water to treat a variety of small problems


Mouth ulcers
Ginger tea with hot water on behalf of mouthwash 2-3 times a day, usually 6-9 times ulcers can converge.
First of tea with hot ginger water gargle, daily morning and evening 1. If the throat itching, can add a little salt water hot ginger tea drinking, daily 2-3 times.
Daily morning and evening stick with hot ginger water gargle 1, and on behalf of the tea used several times a day. This method of protecting teeth, quite effective prevention and treatment of dental caries.
When high blood pressure, can soak your feet hot ginger water for about 15 minutes. Hot ginger water to soak your feet, can cause reflex vasodilation, blood pressure decreases.
Waist and shoulder pain
First in the hot ginger water, add a little salt and vinegar, then with a towel wrung flooding, spreads in the affected area, repeated several times. This method allows the sheets changed muscle relaxation, medicinal properties, can greatly ease the pain.


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