The method of treatment of insomnia


Some quiet listening to soft music. Insomnia patients can listen to the music of Mozart, to minimize unwanted noise, which is the best way to treat insomnia. Compared with other classical music, Mozart’s music is the most therapeutic efficacy of insomnia. It can make normal blood pressure and pulse rate, reduce nervous tension. But if you are not fans of his music before bedtime can also listen to other soothing instrumental music. The best music, there are sound waves lapping the shore, seagulls – it can make you very relaxed. If these do not work, then turn on fans, monotonous buzz will make you drowsy. Note that eating before going to bed at night. Do not eat too much food at night, it is best not to stop after eating at 19:00. Methods to alleviate insomnia, sleep not only beneficial to the body is also good. Therefore, if there is no dinner to eat, drink or eat yogurt fruit bar. If bad sleeping position can also affect sleep. In fact, sleep posture also vary. But sleep is better to side, “left lying bent left foot, bend the left arm to hand Cheng heads, stretch the right foot, right hand placed between the right stocks. Right lateral trans am.” This posture is conducive to sleep relax, sleep peacefully. Before bed is best not to speak, to maintain a peaceful state of mind, so you do not suffer from insomnia troubled. Sleep when you do not talk, do not think; sleep for the heart, and then sleep before going to bed but the degree of brain, go to the exclusion of all other thoughts, keep quiet; Also, pay attention to the bedroom quiet environment, fresh air, suitable for hard and soft beds, you can improve sleep quality.


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