Benefits of salt water foot massage


Salt water foot massage beriberi This is because salt has a good anti-virus sterilization efficacy, and put salt into the hot water, use water, heat, so the skin can better absorb the brine ingredients antivirus sterilization, you can achieve brine foot massage therapy beriberi effect. Salt water foot massage can clean the foot because salt brine antivirus sterilization efficacy makes a strong cleaning ability, with salt water foot massage can clean feet. Salt water foot massage can have exfoliating salt scrub because of the role, so the salt carried into the hot water foot massage, you can use hot water heat enhancement exfoliating effect. Salt water foot massage can kidney, anti-aging because we human foot is farthest away from the heart, so the blood supply is very small, and style brine foot massage, you can let the active ingredients of brine into the kidney and heart, and promote blood circulation, has achieve the benefits of the kidney, anti-aging. Salt water foot massage foot massage can cure a cold brine promote blood circulation, remove the foot of the cold, so cold you can achieve therapeutic effect. Anti Sleep brine foot massage can often use saline feet, together with massage springs and other points, can promote blood circulation, effective sleep aids anti-’s, but also the treatment of colds, or even enhance memory, the mind feels easily.


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