Please do not drink at bedtime


With people usually wine, beer or cocktail after a hard day to relax. Drinking these drinks seem to make people relax and promote sleep. So bedtime drink really help you sleep? A recent study showed that drinking alcoholic beverages in the evening people, due to the rapid eye movement sleep time is actually being shortened, and thus less stable but will sleep, sleep quality significantly affected. Another interesting study also found that late-night drinking will reduce the amount of work necessary to repair the body at night, and how much alcohol does affect the amount of parasympathetic activity during sleep. Volunteers in the study were 100 minutes before bedtime drink alcohol, low alcohol drinks and non-alcoholic beverages. Result of drinking alcohol more volunteers in the higher heart rate at night. The researchers said that these fast heart rate is the body and no sign of a break in the pattern of cell renewal and repair active period. The findings may help explain why regular drinking crowd often been troubled by insomnia at night, and then feel sleepy during the day, and long-term health problems. So if you desire to have a better, more healthy sleep, do not drink at bedtime.


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