Experts suggest Hair Dyeing before the best don’t wash your hair


In fact, about to head Hair Coloring before this problem, experts answer is: Hair Coloring before the best don’t need a shampoo. Hair Coloring before day is best not to wash your hair, if you want to wash your hair, it is best to Hair Coloring before two or three days shampoo. This is because, Hair Coloring principle is the hair cuticle surface open, so that Hair Coloring color particles can be smoothly into the hair. The scalp is human hair follicle the most intensive areas, Hair Coloring harmful agents easily after hair follicle into the human body. Even without direct contact with the scalp Hair Coloring agent, also through volatilization pathways for the formation of gas into the body. So, need to use the scalp grease on the formation of these harmful substances resist, Hair Coloring don’t wash your hair before the oil protection layer wash. Experts pointed out, Hair Coloring some composition in the agent is toxic. The toxic substances mainly refers to the benzene. According to the committee, hygienic standard for cosmetics hygiene department of South China Normal University professor Qiu Bingyi said, the standard two benzene amine content Hair Coloring cosmetics, is according to the new standard set by the European Union in 2007, shall add benzene two amine. The best do not often Hair Coloring, up to a year is 2-3 times, frequent Hair Coloring will cause great damage to the hair. In addition, to avoid the stain into direct contact with the skin Hair Coloring time. If you accidentally sprayed into the immediately with petroleum jelly or clean.


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