Often drive people how fitness


First, the home floor movement
A. sit-ups
Training site: abs
When motion is best to let eyes fixed on the ceiling of a point, to help make the correct posture, maintaining the stability and security of the neck.
If the lift angle more than 45 degrees when, for muscle, the equivalent of rest, there has not been trained. The best way is maintained at about 45 degrees, for a moment, to repeat the action, the best results.
B. supine Taitun
Training areas: the buttocks and waist muscles
Ready position: supine knees on the ground, arms flat on the sides, palms snapping the ground.
C. load scoliosis
Training areas: the side of the waist and abdominal muscles
When the movement of the spine of the most vulnerable action, which is when the body to lean forward, plus turn, the greatest harm to the disc. Be careful not to lean forward when scoliosis.
Scoliosis angle is not too large, so as to avoid sports injuries.
Second, the car can do simple stretching
A. neck stretch
Site of action: the neck muscles
The most taboo bounce when stretching role, not because I wanted to stretch hands shoved beat, or a pressure and then pressure is likely to cause cervical or muscle injury.
Head to the left or right-wing, the shoulders as high as you want.
When the head forward, pay attention not to bow back up.
B. Shoulder Stretch
Role parts: the shoulder muscles
A right hand extends to the chest, not to force, gently pull the right elbow with his left hand, lasted about 5 to 10 seconds.
About 2. Exchange.
When driving, the use of red light or wait gap, seize the moment stretched taut neck, you can easily be a healthy family car!


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