Massage can relieve stomach pain


Such scenes often in life, when a stomach ache or stomach pains, always clutching rub, pain relief can have a good belly rub when pain can ease the pain of practice, its scientific principles in the end What is it? Tube stomach ache when rub can relieve the pain of life wisdom known, but in fact, doing scientific principles still not clear. People vulnerable to stomach upset, nervousness, pressure and other spiritual and lifestyle, when people’s mental stress, the autonomic nervous system balance easily collapse, leading to gastrointestinal function deterioration. In addition, overeating, spicy food, smoking can also cause gastrointestinal absorption diminished capacity. When people feel cold or parts of the body, such as eating too many cold drinks cold when the temperature of the stomach is reduced, resulting in poor blood circulation stomach, gastric motility decreased, but this time, people are often easy to feel stomach pains. Therefore, there is speculation that when a stomach ache and stomach pains when warm hand on the painful area, not only can increase stomach temperature, adjust the balance of the autonomic nervous system, and can improve blood circulation and momentum stomach, relieve pain. Gently rubbing the stomach and stomach pain can effectively play the role of massage in order to alleviate the pain. Although now a stomach ache rub can relieve the exact mechanism of pain, but have to say this is the wisdom of our ancestors left to live, stomach pain when gently rub, not only to relieve pain, but also can improve mood, might multi-try!


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