Healthy teeth self-testing


1 mirror opened his mouth to observe whether there is food stuck in the teeth teeth, whether yellow tartar on the teeth.
2 to see whether there are dental caries, black spots, tartar and stains pigmentation.
3 tapping the upper and lower teeth, or use a toothbrush to help observe whether the entire mouth teeth all solid no loosening.
4 tongue feel each tooth, check for missing, crooked, loose, pain and other problems.
5 Check that there is no oral ulcers or swelling sense of smell.
6 Observe the color of the gums, to see whether pink was normal, with or without signs of swelling.
7 eat hot and cold food and other spicy sweet and sour with cold water when brushing teeth or without acid, pain, soft feeling, or bleeding.
8 swallow mouthful of saliva, wait 30 seconds, feeling the adequacy of saliva secretion, with or without dryness.
If you answered more than a few are positive, then it shows your teeth healthy. If there are more than two non-compliance, will have to pay attention to oral hygiene, if 3 is not up to the need to seek medical help.


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