Sleep may help the body to strengthen the memory


After learning of people going to bed, sleep in the mutual transmission of nerve cells in the brain dendritic spines information hyperactive; and synapses in the brain cells to release neurotransmitters are also more likely to strengthen the role of information dissemination channels. In addition, people who sleep after learning the brain during deep sleep or slow-wave sleep cell activity increased. New York long before people discovered sleep plays an important role in learning and memory, if one day you do not sleep well, then your learning will inevitably be affected. But what is the mechanism of this phenomenon triggered it? By studying mice, sleep helps people find the support to consolidate and strengthen the hypothesis that important evidence of memory, while also learning to sleep after the first discovery of the brain cortex region dominated memory changes. The researchers said that the human brain during sleep can induce neuronal dendrites can produce more connections, which may be beneficial for the brain to form long-term memories of that reason; same study also found that different types of learning in different parts of the brain that will promote tree sudden changes in the structure of the branch, which has a very specific description of the learning content on the structure and parts of the brain. The explanation at the cellular level is that when people are sleeping brain does not stop working, it will clear the contents of people at work when re-read it, and replay in a dream. Scientists believe that this night replay mode can help people recall new memories.


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