Your brushing method is right for you?


Step One: Choose a soft-bristled toothbrush, toothbrush and tooth long axis was 45 ° ~ 60 ° angle pointing apical direction, upward maxillary teeth, jaw teeth down, according to the gums – Dental junction so that part of the bristles into the gingival sulcus, a part of Shop at the gingival margin and into the gap as much as possible within the neighborhood, with a gentle pressure on the bristles slightly curved, so that the bristles in place for a short distance from the horizontal direction around 5-6 times fibrillation, flutter toothbrush when moving only about 1 mm, each 2 to 3 teeth, tooth brush next set of overlapping attention placed maxillary brush bristles covering up a little gums, tooth brush bristles down under, according to the same essentials brush.
Step two: Note sequential. Finally, the big mouth from the right rear of the buccal tooth brush and turn to the left, then from the left to the right brush occlusal surface occlusal surface, followed by sequential omission that is the right to prevent the start and end on the right. Brush on the left side of his left cheek, right cheek brush on the right side. After brushing teeth left on the right side of the tongue, the teeth on the left hand side of the tongue after brushing. (Formulas: brushing the right start, end the right hand ipsilateral buccal, lingual contralateral hand) started accustomed to, but with a little practice, will soon be familiar with.
The third step: Note brushing time and frequency. In order to ensure that each tooth brush to brush the surface has enough time, each less than one minute, morning and evening. Night is more important than brushing in the morning. After eating the day of oral self-cleaning effect can be eliminated as part of food residue. Sleep after stopping oral activities, decreased salivation, flushing of the teeth will not achieve self-cleaning effect of food residue will be a long time to stop the bacteria as a nutrient, a lot of growth and reproduction, and therefore it is important to brush your teeth morning and night.


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