The reason midlife obesity


While middle-aged men with their young daily diet is basically the same, but with age, the same food intake but make their body shape. Russian media this result gives three reasons for this phenomenon.
1, the number of human intestinal lactic acid will increase with age, and once eating too much starchy foods and sweets, will greatly increase the number of lactic acid. The higher the amount of lactic acid, the more likely people fat. Therefore, experts recommend men eat onions, artichokes, garlic and bananas, away from starchy foods and sweets.
2, with age, the number can help the body burn fat and muscle fibers produce less energy. Of course, exercise is a major cause less, so men should do more exercise to increase the number of muscle fibers, squats and dumbbell fitness is a good choice.
3, currently available in many foods contain corn syrup, which is a major feature is very high fructose content, make people feel hungry. Therefore, in order to get rid of the pain of hunger and overeating has brought us, we must stay away from foods containing corn syrup.


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