Cold don’t wear contact lenses


Recent cold hit, the temperature repeatedly, colds, coughs more, while many who look eye, some people wear contact lenses when the eye is infected. When cold, the body due to virus invasion, resistance is weak, cold hands are exposed to a large number of patients with bacteria. If these bacteria do not clean, they pick to wear contact lenses, there might bacteria into the eyes, the eye inflammation, induce or aggravate keratitis and conjunctivitis and other eye diseases. In addition, there are many anti-cold, cough, and pain medicines contain ingredients suppress tears, these ingredients may cause the reduction in tear secretion. Contact lenses will reduce the amount of tear secretion is too dry, reduce transparency, thereby affecting vision. Corneal drying easily lead to keratitis, conjunctivitis, inflammation, eye redness, itching, foreign body sensation. So cold, fever patients, especially in patients with severe colds during the illness it is best not to wear contact lenses, you should use ordinary glasses. To facilitate the removal of glasses, use the relative health. If you have to wear because of their work, pick to wear when you want to wash your hands repeatedly. During medication, could also be some artificial tear drops to add moisture to the eyes play a role.


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