When motion is best not to wear cotton clothes


Popular wear cotton clothes, cotton clothes for many people favored a plus, even in the exercise of, like the cotton clothes as sportswear. In fact, during exercise, especially in the cooler winter months, wear cotton clothes are not conducive to health, it might give the human body caused by injury, severe cases may even cause disease.
Movement should be minimal wear cotton clothes, cotton clothes, which is due to sweat certainly true, but that does not absorb sweat quickly dissipate, but will make the sweat to penetrate into the clothes, the people wearing wet clothes, cause skin gets colder, it is difficult insulation. In winter the temperature difference is relatively large, but more likely to wear cotton underwear after strenuous exercise makes cold, causing cold cold, headache and other symptoms. So, do not wear cotton clothing when appropriate exercise. Scientific approach is to select a relatively good permeability of clothing materials, such as polypropylene. Especially in sports underwear of choice, even more so. Such material polypropylene, can be scattered wet and warm and good, dry skin and helps maintain the body in motion as refreshing. Means have to be reminded that the movement should pay attention to “gradual” wear clothes. Many people believe that once a person in motion, they will not feel cold, wear a sports jersey is convenient, but also appropriate warm. In fact, this understanding is not scientific, because when the body produces more heat in the outdoor exercise is only the middle, before and after exercise is very susceptible to outside temperature. Therefore, you can not wear a little movement, the movement to wear a little thin, before and after exercise to keep warm, so as to avoid changes in temperature and disease.


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