Four skin care products in the gym


1 Be sure to remember to bring a loaded MINI Cleanser, because when we do a lot of exercise in the gym when the body will sweat a lot, and if this time her face makeup can easily clog pores, another when we do sports If not promptly clean the face, sweat and oil mixed together for a long time can easily lead to acne.
2.MINI fitted cream certainly not less, after the face if not promptly cleaned moist, even if you intend to go straight home after exercise will lead to face severe water shortages, even if the motion to bring you a good color too look out.

3. Sunscreen skin care is definitely not small steps, if you know in life ultraviolet everywhere, so even if you just come home from the gym just 10 minutes on the road are likely to sunburn.
4 in time for the body to replenish moisture is also very necessary thing, our body is more than the face skin dry, even if you are just a few simple rinse water body will take away the skin’s surface, and if you do not replenish, then it will result in dry, itchy skin in the winter would be particularly uncomfortable.


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