Proper use of eye drops


While many eye diseases have symptoms of swelling and pain, but its pathogenesis is not the same, so use eye drops must remedy. Currently, eye drops can be divided into three categories: First, pure lubrication, mainly to bring moist eyes, relieve discomfort. Some women think that this kind of eye drops can buy without a prescription, it should be safe, but this drops also contain preservatives, as long-term use can damage your eyes. The second type of eye drops containing antibiotics used to treat eye infections, abuse of this eye drops, eye strain will destroy ecology; Moreover, none of the drops can fight all infections, so anti-inflammatory eye drops must be based on doctor recommended. The third category is steroid-containing eye drops, eye drops used continuously over a month, is likely to cause increased intraocular pressure. So, in the diagnosis of eye diseases can not own, buy eye drops for the composition, role and taboos also unclear circumstances, not just blindly buy medicine medication can not guarantee efficacy, or even counterproductive. Therefore, eye drops do not share their experience with their own or the easy way, it should be carried out under the guidance of specialists, and the frequency and timing of eyedrops must strictly follow the doctor’s orders or the package insert, and do not place too frequently used, so as not to damage the ocular surface. If you use eye drops after the emergence of abnormal reactions should promptly seek medical attention.


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