Blue landscape can help people relax


Excessive pressure can seriously affect long-term health, reduced quality of life. Studies have shown that: watching the blue sky and other blue landscape is effective decompression. Scientists involved in the new study completed in 1000 found that participants were compared with the exposure to the environment of other colors participants who, outside participants who complete the test environment light blue speed by 25%, the reaction speed is accelerated 12%, hand-eye coordination and the ability to recall words are significantly improved. Scientists say blue sedative to help calm emotions, smooth breathing and muscle relaxation. The new findings also showed that more blue than other colors help enhance people’s confidence, reduce stress and anxiety, relieve physical and mental stress, people feel more enjoyable. Not only that, but also to people thinking more agile blue. The new study found that blue calm emotions immediate effect. In order to make better use of this unique extract the blue effect, she suggested, hung a blue theme landscape in the office or den, ready to enjoy; posted on a refrigerator door painted blue; blue cup or bottle water; choose blue soap; often looked up at the blue sky and so on.


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