Water washed away the side effects of drugs


Most drugs metabolized by the liver, kidney, and every day to ensure that the amount of 2 to 2.5 liters of water can be discharged to accelerate drug metabolism and the body, thereby reducing side effects while taking the drug. Antibiotics, drink hypoallergenic. When antibiotics such as amoxicillin clothing, drink plenty of water to reduce the possibility of drug allergy. Sulfa solubility in urine is small, easy to precipitate in the acidic environment of crystal formation in the kidney or ureter stones, drink plenty of water can prevent the occurrence of such situations. Antipyretics, drink prevent dehydration. Antipyretics clothing including ibuprofen, acetaminophen and other ingredients should drink plenty of water can prevent dehydration caused by excessive sweating. Gout medicine, drink anti stones. When gout patients taking drugs such as allopurinol should also drink plenty of water, in order to facilitate uric acid excretion, prevent urinary tract stones. But when taking mucosal protective agents, cough syrup and other drugs, should not drink too much water, it may reduce the efficacy. In addition, the risk of serious heart disease, kidney’s water intake should communicate with the doctor, it may increase the body burden.


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