Brushing can also clean the blood vessels


When plaque deposits inside blood vessels, it will gradually make the arterial intimal thickening, luminal narrowing, or “atherosclerosis”, this process is also a major factor leading to heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases . The researchers conducted a survey on “oral infections and cardiovascular disease epidemiological studies,” called for regular follow-up of 420 adults. In the three year study period, the researchers observed that when a person oral and periodontal health status has improved, including regular brushing, flossing, see your dentist regularly, scaling, etc., it will reduce the thickness of the arterial intima about 0.1 mm. And past studies have shown that if the increased carotid intima-media thickness was 0.1 mm 3, the risk of coronary artery disease occurs will increase 2.3 times. Oral bacteria may cause atherosclerosis through a variety of ways. On the one hand, bacteria in the mouth, may directly damage blood vessels; on the other hand, when the oral unsanitary, increasing the body’s immune response, increasing the body’s inflammatory factors, will “attack” the arterial intima. Therefore, the researchers suggested that the timely improvement of periodontal and oral health, remove plaque, tartar and other oral “junk”, can effectively reduce the number of pathogenic bacteria, also equivalent to “brush off” the veins of harmful substances. Also confirmed the “reduce oral bacteria can directly process mitigation and prevention of atherosclerosis.”


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