Laughter can relieve pain


The researchers did an experiment. Please see volunteers participated in the study were humorous videos and documentaries bored while testing their tolerance to pain. Volunteers hand frozen hard objects, and then bring the blood pressure device, apply pressure. The results showed that people watching humorous video to endure more pain. Researchers in order to determine true “laugh” at work, letting the experimenter were seen participating in a comedy and a sense of humor but not positive video. The results are still watching comedy people have a higher pain tolerance. And boring, sad thing it will reduce the degree of pain tolerance. In addition, the researchers said, “smirk”, “polite smile” resistance to pain is not effective. Only relaxed, voluntary “laugh” to work. Because only heartfelt laugh will make our bodies secrete amines polyphenols. The amine polyphenols can inhibit the chemical neural response to pain. The so-called ten little laugh, “laughing” not only to relieve pain. Can lower blood pressure, increase blood circulation, improve the respiratory system and relax muscles.


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