Masks should be replaced every four hours


Common market cotton masks, non-woven masks, gauze masks, surgical masks can stop the dust on the road, but the effect on the adsorption limited PM2.5. In contrast, anti-fog and haze effects N95 masks are more ideal, of course, it is not able to complete those tiny particles “shut out.” Need to be reminded that the best replacement every 4 hours while wearing a mask, because the mask has been covered on the harmful particulate matter, such as the replacement will not be inhaled, not only would not achieve Dust-haze effect, but also counterproductive . After wearing gauze masks can be cleaned again, surgical masks, N95 masks are disposable, not reusable. Many people do not know the right way to wear a mask, that covers the nose and mouth do not worry. In fact, the key to wearing masks that closely fit the face, do not expose the gaps. Because dust, haze is from all sides, once exposed seams, they will be drilling. In medical masks, for example, can bend the top there is a metal bar, metal bar should be pressed with a finger after wearing that mask close to the nose and cheeks on both sides, and then hand pull the lower edge of the mask, so that the chin fit .


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