After dinner should not immediately brush your teeth


Would have been a good brushing habits, dental care for people who insist on daily morning and evening brushing teeth twice. But some people brush their teeth immediately after a meal, or even a point to eat no matter what should be quickly brushing, in fact, but not conducive to dental health. People eat a lot of meals acidic foods will be attached to the teeth, will soften the enamel surface of the tooth, and even tooth axis layer reacts with the calcium, phosphorus molecules, calcium, phosphorus separated teeth will become soft and brittle. At this time brushing will destroy the enamel damage dental health. “Meal and brush your teeth, you may be acidic foods will push deeper into the enamel and dentin to go there immediately after a meal, or just brushing habits eating acidic foods and drinks, it is best to wait half an hour later painted, then the protective layer of the tooth has been restored, it will not damage the teeth brushing up, but advocates should immediately mouthwash after meals, it is important to protect the teeth, can reduce the acidic environment in the mouth.


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