How much sleep to be healthy


Are you getting enough sleep, waking up tired every day? This situation far more than you are a person, at least one-third of adults have sleep per night on average less than 7 hours. Lack of sleep can cause a variety of problems during the day, then we really should sleep and how it healthy?
If you feel that not enough sleep, they will experience a variety of problems caused by lack of sleep. In one survey, 38% of people say they have at least once in the past month fell asleep during the day. Even more startling is that 5% of people said they doze off while driving, or indeed asleep.
If you get enough sleep, it will undoubtedly affect your body functions, your memory, reaction time. Undoubtedly will affect your driving.
A survey has often proved inadequate sleep can lead to confusion. Admit people who sleep less than seven hours, nearly 1/4 hard to concentrate during the day, nearly 1/5 of people have memory problems.
Less than seven hours of sleep will interfere with daily work, a lot of things need to be done every day, you can also see it as a matter of course.
According to guidelines from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cited by the National Sleep Foundation, although sleep needs vary, but most adults need 7-9 hours to get refreshed feeling.
But in this age of modern society and now, it is difficult to achieve that balance. 1985-2009, less than seven hours of sleep proportion of the population swells from 23% to 35%.
For (sleep less than 7 hours from 23% the proportion of the population swells to 35%) of this staggering figure, the researchers say this is partly because of staff changes and generate new technologies – such as smart phones and laptop computers on so that we can keep in touch at any time.


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