The reason can not be cured cold


The reason to extend the duration of a cold one hand, some patients on the basis of the combined flu complications such as pneumonia, on the other hand with patients Misunderstanding about. First, many patients due to work, had to go to work sick, lack of proper rest the body, resulting in sustained low resistance; secondly, inappropriate medication also make extended duration. Typically, a fever over 38.5 degrees Celsius was recommended antipyretics, in order not to affect many patients can work in low-grade fever antipyretics stage clothes immediately, causing the body to sweat a lot, a lot of people do not pay attention to drink plenty of water, the body of water not replenish also makes defenses are weakened, causing complications such as pneumonia. Third, the abuse of antibiotics is also one of the reasons, many patients eat a cold amoxicillin or cephalosporins, not knowing that over ninety percent of colds are caused by viruses, antibiotics simply do not work. Long-term abuse of antibiotics, it will enhance the body’s resistance to bacteria, causing severe inflammation. About prolonged cough after a cold, which is caused by airway inflammation associated with transient flu airway hyperresponsiveness caused. The so-called airway hyperresponsiveness, is the increased sensitivity to airway. The duration of cough after viral infection is also associated with airway epithelial repair time. New research shows that after a cold cough usually lasts 10-20 days, if more than this time, it may not simply coughs caused by colds, and may be associated with pneumonia, tuberculosis, and other relevant worsening heart failure, therefore, must be go to the hospital as soon as possible.


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