Ways to alleviate mouth ulcers


Oral ulcers occur about four days, when the most severe oral pain, so you can not open your mouth can not eat, and even affect the normal life and work. The face of oral pain can be alleviated by the following methods. Vitamin C tablets ground into a powder, in the affected area evenly in ulcer surface layer of “conquering” the protective film, you can achieve the purpose of relieving pain immediately. In addition, 15 minutes after a meal, drink a glass of freshly squeezed watermelon juice, do not worry in swallowing, drink it in your mouth every 20 seconds, you can immediately relieve the pain that helpless feeling. Meanwhile, a temporary reduction in daily language to communicate with others, reduce the friction of ulcers, reduced pain naturally. Some people believe that oral ulcers are inflammatory response, as long as self-medication with antibiotics it. However, we do not know, mouth ulcers are not caused by a bacterial infection, so antibiotics is no effect. By the way if you want to take medicine to treat mouth ulcers, or should go to the hospital to consult the doctor, taking a special mouth ulcer drugs more symptomatic and effective.


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