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Sunburn in the summer are common. Once sunburn occurs, the first time cold treatment, such as the cold towel dampened with water to cover the skin, can reduce the damage. Watermelon, melon skin has the role of heat and dampness, melons can be labeled as mud, into the refrigerator freezer cold for some time, and then sticking to the skin. Also, you can detoxify topical medicine under the guidance of a doctor with purslane, dandelion. Patients with sunburn should eat vitamin-rich fruits to dampness swelling and promote skin recovery. Patients with severe sunburn needs immediate medical attention. To remind everyone that we must do outdoor activities in summer sun protection measures. Outdoor swimming should avoid strong sunlight at noon, select before 10:00 and after 16:00; bare skin to smear waterproof sunscreen and replenish smear sunscreen protection under time; After landing, use the towel cover exposed skin, to reduce direct sunlight.


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