How to stay healthy middle-aged


If you work for a long time busy, nervous, stay up all night long life, it may cause excessive tension due to the nervous system, which lead to neurasthenia, ulcer disease, hypertension, coronary heart disease and so on. In addition, long-term lack of sleep can also cause brain damage, prompting premature aging. Some middle-aged because of busy work, study or business difficult to get nervous, even a saliva attend a long drink, do not eat breakfast is more common, long-term effect will lead to moisture, nutrient deficiency, precipitating thrombosis and urinary stones disease. Often hungry do not eat, can also cause stomach ulcers induced hypoglycemia, and even cause coma, shock. On the contrary, often beggars, overeating, and more harmful to health. Therefore, only regular meals, meals time by eating, in order to ensure that brain function into full play, so that memory, understanding, thinking and analysis capabilities in a more ideal state. Easy, healthy, moderate recreational activities can be adjusted people’s nerves, strive for health. However, excessive play, make excessive consumption of vitamin a, decreased vision, nervous fatigue. Proper physical exercise can enhance physical fitness, health and well. But excessive exercise can consume a lot of energy, lactic acid and other metabolites accumulate in the blood. Excessive exercise can also cause arrhythmia, affecting liver function, resulting in bones and muscle weakness, the opposite effect occurs.


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