Massage enhance gastric peristalsis


Affixed to his chest with both hands, thumb, and the remaining four fingers affixed to both arms, the relative force and lift the chest muscles, lift the look, relax, while moving from the inside out, repeat 3 times.
With both hands, thumb midline human body from the front, two nipples Tanzhong point of being pushed to the sides of milk in the hole, and continue along the intercostal chest outward horizontal push to the side, then down one intercostal space , and from the start line to the intercostal chest pushed outward to the chest of the side, sequential down.
Minute push from the midline to the sides, by the turn of the abdomen to push down the abdomen, repeated three times.
Just the right abdomen with both hands. Carried from one side to the opposite side abdomen, upper abdominal times each just the right one. Just the right time, with both hands to pick up a piece of abdominal muscles (skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscle), gently lift the pause a moment, release forward, a chance to pinch a muscle relaxation do, repeated three times.
Massage the abdomen with the palm, starting with the central abdominal beginning belly rub clockwise loop turn gradually to turn the outer ring by doing 30 to 50 times. Then turn counterclockwise from outside to inside the ring of 30 to 50 times.
1-3 points every afternoon this time rubbing his stomach, promote digestion best. This is because the small intestine by the most prosperous through the air, rubbing the stomach can accelerate intestinal absorption, can promote digestion. In addition, in the abdominal cavity (the navel 4 inch) on the belly massage can relieve stomach pain, bloating, and vomiting.


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