9 kinds of food to protect the heart


1, the almond: the prevention of platelet aggregation
Eat nuts once a week, can reduce the risk of 1/4 of heart disease, which is particularly recommended almonds.
How to eat: almonds ground into powder, mixed with Ru Shala, vegetables, not only increase the taste, but also to fully absorb nutrition.
2, barley: lower cholesterol
Barley oats cholesterol-lowering effect is not lost. It belongs to the soluble fiber, can accelerate liver discharge cholesterol.
How to eat: barley soup is easy to increase the heat, the best barley boiled rice.
3, black sesame seeds: to prevent hardening of the arteries
Black sesame unsaturated fatty acids, can maintain blood vessel elasticity, prevent atherosclerosis.
How to eat: chew. Possession of nutrients in sesame seeds, we must crush the shell to be effective.
4, soybeans: lower cholesterol
Soybeans contain a variety of essential amino acids, can promote the metabolism of body fat and cholesterol, is very suitable for vegetarians as a staple.
How to eat: the first four hours soy foam in hot water, and back to boiling. Soybean polysaccharides can be easily dissolved gas out, easy to flatulence.
5, spinach: prevention of cardiovascular disease
Spinach is rich in folic acid, dietary supplements are more effective than others in preventing heart disease.
Eat: the best way to save folic salty fried foods, nutritional value can retain up.
6, fungus: anticoagulant
The study found that nine fungus with anti-clotting substances, with onions, garlic-like effect.
How to eat: dried fungus with blisters open, washed and shredded, blanched with hot water, sprinkle with ginger, sugar, vinegar, soy sauce and salad.
7, kelp: the prevention of vascular occlusion
Kelp are soluble fiber, can accelerate cholesterol excreted, but also the prevention of atherosclerosis.
How to eat: kelp itself sodium, eat less seasonings.
8, celery: lowering blood pressure
Celery Celery contains alkali, cardiovascular protection function. And the leaves of vitamin C higher than the stems.
How to eat: Choose leaves, blanched in hot water, can make a salad or salad.
9, maize and corn to be: lower blood pressure
Corn has a diuretic effect, helps stabilize blood pressure.
How to eat: corn washed with water, congee, corn boil water drunk as a tea


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