Dentures can use time in five years


With the use of dentures often fall, probably because the elderly receding gums, causing dentures and gums do not fit. Proposed to re-do a denture, if you still easy to swap, can help lower gums kinds 2-4 teeth fixed. To delay the gingival recession, the elderly the best massage gums every day: with the index finger, the corresponding parts of the gums in the face, draw a small circle massage, then rinse with water; or hand washed and disinfected with 75% alcohol, on the outside of the gums , press or rub back and forth to draw a small circle massage, then the index finger on the inside of the gums, repeat the action several times, immediately after the massage mouthwash can. In general, full mouth dentures life around 3-5 years, more than three years on the need for a comprehensive overhaul, such as re-lining, re-inserts, etc., also need to be replaced if necessary. If dentures appear broken, defect, you should block to the hospital for repair. Dai fixed dentures (porcelain teeth, porcelain teeth, etc.), as long as there is no oral discomfort, under normal circumstances can be a lifetime. But no matter what kind of dentures need to go to the hospital every year once. Dentures fell afraid, afraid of pressure, fear of roast, so people who wear dentures should not eat tough, too sticky and hot food, otherwise it is easily broken dentures. Dentures should be off before going to bed at night, scrub with a soft brush, then soak in cold water or cold water, but also to the gums and oral mucosa get enough rest.


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