Excessive use of eyes will limp body discomfort


Eyes will cause the body fatigue, discomfort. The eyes are the birthplace of general fatigue. As long as they appear sore, swollen, dryness, blurred vision and other problems, can easily lead to headaches, inability to concentrate, mood irritability, unresponsive, fatigue and a range of symptoms of fatigue, insomnia, nausea, Yu Tu, etc. The reason is mainly because of eye fatigue will have a “fatigue toxins”, and then the invasion of the body, making the body feel “tired.” In addition to causing malaise fatigue glasses, more commonly cause local discomfort, including eye and discomfort or pain around the eyes, eyebrows Ministry sense of soreness, photophobia, tearing, visual ghosting. The general malaise and other symptoms, and more health than the frail and weak, health groups appear. First, usually with a computer, watching TV, reading, every hour to rest for 10 minutes while more than blink, turn the eye. Gao Jian survivors suggest that computer owners will slightly increase the number of seats, the computer put too low, the eyes and the monitor showed a downward angle of 5 degrees or so, “this could make smaller eyes open, to maintain eye moisture and prevent dryness . “Secondly, sooner or later with a towel Fu Yan, in the morning with a cold towel at night with hot towels, chrysanthemum tea can also be smoked eye, keep the eye moist, but do not feel free to use eye drops. Again, you want to eat light, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, such as carrots and walnuts, sesame seeds and other dried foods.


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