Bath time and a healthy relationship


After dinner, do not drink and bathe immediately, shampoo, avoid irritation, causing illness or danger. On the one hand, many accidents occur when elderly people are bathing, experts said, the elderly do not immediately take a bath after dinner, when hungry and do not take a bath, to avoid accidents. On the other hand, young people also get rid of the best meal bathing habits. Just finished eating, the human digestive system to work, a lot of blood gathered in the stomach, the other organs in a relatively ischemic state. This time bathing, systemic vascular dilation, skin and muscle blood flow increases, the stomach without adequate blood will affect digestion. Many elderly people have cardiovascular disease, long stay closed anoxic environment, can easily lead to brain and heart ischemia. Suggest that you take a bath in the best arrangements for 1-2 hours after a meal, the duration of each not more than half an hour. In addition, elderly people and poor physical fitness preferably in winter bathing noon, indoor and outdoor temperature bath closest to the day, this is not easy to catch a cold. Cold weather, many people like to drink warm. Because drinking behind the rapid expansion of facial blood vessels, if this will washout in the head, the blood vessels will shrink, easy to dizziness, eye black, or vomiting. Liuhui Wu reminded that now is the period of high incidence of cardiovascular disease, paying particular attention to the head warm, drinking alcohol do to the cold wind outside, but do not immediately take a bath to wash your hair, wash the head with a hair dryer to promptly.


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