Long-term wear rings do harmful to health


Many perennial wearing rings, and even sleeping, bathing, doing housework as well. In fact, this in addition to the ring itself would cause some damage, but also damage their health. Prolonged wearing the ring finger will affect blood circulation, can lead to poor blood return finger mild edema, serious dark mark will appear. This situation is particularly evident, then do not force the ring off when waking up in the morning, should wait about half an hour, the swelling disappears automatically after take off. Rings should pick a little loose points when selecting the model, tight ring on the hand, the fingers can affect blood circulation. Over time, your fingers will become numb, acid swelling, pain. The best will ring off before going to sleep to put a special jewelry box to avoid lost. Also, take a bath, wash your hair should be off. Otherwise ring below the skin is difficult to clean, which will lead to a lot of bacteria. In addition, bath, shampoo, etc., most of them are acidic or alkaline, they will corrode ring. When using soap and other cleaning products make bath when the skin becomes smooth, it is easy to make the ring off inadvertently lost.


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