Eat corn can let an eye health


As the carotene contained in maize, lutein, zeaxanthin is fat-soluble vitamins, cooking oil to help absorb the effect of nutrition play a role in prompting the effect. From the perspective of radical anti-view, at 115 degrees Celsius, the sweet corn were heated for 10 minutes, 25 minutes and 50 minutes later found that the anti-free radical activity in turn increased by 22%, 44% and 53%, in other words, the more prolonged heating corn, anti-aging effects as possible. So, at home, boiled corn, it’s best to be able to cook for some time. Corn has many features such as: appetizer, gallbladder, laxative, diuretic, soften blood vessels, delaying cell aging, anti-cancer, etc., for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, atherosclerosis, elderly habitual constipation, chronic gallbladder inflammation, urination and other disorders of therapeutic care. Although the efficacy of many corn, it is anti-aging eye share. Experts advise, should pay attention to eating corn chewed to aid digestion. In addition, diarrhea, stomach fullness who were once poor gastrointestinal function can not eat and try to eat fresh corn.


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