Eating sweets do not immediately brush your teeth


After eating sweets, sour food, many people tend to immediately brush your teeth, so that you can protect the teeth. In fact, do so, but will increase the damage to the teeth. Crown of the surface layer of enamel, dental sour food and sweets will produce etching effect, so that the enamel becomes soft. At this point if you brush your teeth right away, not only can not achieve the role of cleaning the teeth, but also increase the wear of the teeth, causing damage to the enamel. So after a meal, especially after eating sweet foods, generally you can gargle with water until 1-2 hours after brushing. Many people think that the teeth do not hurt do not see a doctor, this is a wrong idea. Tooth structure has its particularity, the early tooth is damaged and difficult to find, only to reach the extent of the damage will produce a feeling of pain inside the tooth while, then re-treatment, greatly increased the difficulty. Therefore, experts generally recommend every six months to a hospital for a dental examination and early detection can prevent dental problems. Many people have the habit of more or less damage to the teeth, such as the improper use of toothpicks, it will bring damage to the gums. Professor beam stressed that the use of toothpicks to follow the doctor’s guidance, toothpicks to an angle into the teeth, the teeth should generally diagonally down, 45 degrees along the gums into the teeth, the lower teeth are from the diagonally upward.


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