Relieve eye fatigue


1, extremely nervous cause swollen eyes, optic nerve function in chronic decline. 2, reducing the blink of an eye movement, so that excessive tear evaporation of the ocular surface, and the chance to get timely supplement, a long time is caused by inflammation of the ocular surface. 3, for young people, long-term use of computers can cause close spasm and see distant, then true cause myopia. 4, for people aged 45 and older, the ability to regulate the eye drops will appear presbyopia, close visual fatigue, and can not be sustained eye. 5, the long-term causes of fatigue symptoms worse looking at the computer, may also induce glaucoma, cataracts and other eye diseases. Eye Movement relieve eyestrain 1 Xianxiang target five meters outside overlooking half a minute, so that muscle relaxation, the lens flattens; 2 to 30 cm target nearly half a minute to see that muscle tension, lens thickening.
3, to look too far to see nearly alternately, every 10-15 minutes, 3-4 times a day. This enables the lens is fully extended, to ease eye fatigue, so as to achieve an active and restore physiologic function of the eye to improve vision purposes.


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