Lunch time exercise fatigue


Now, many middle-aged people are busy working keen to exercise during lunch time, or playing, swimming, or fitness, running. In fact, after a morning of consumption, lower blood sugar levels in the human body, this time to exercise, not only fail to exercise intensity, exercise effect is greatly reduced, may also induce severe exercise-induced shock. Meanwhile, the brain and the heart is the body’s main energy-consuming organ, the brain consumes about human nutrition nutritional intake total of 1/3, if not pay attention to reasonable rest, in the case of exercise fatigue, over time easily lead to injury. Is the most reasonable walking 20 minutes after lunch, then rest for 20 to 30 minutes. Of course, if you have been accustomed to noon workout. Please adjust your diet then four meals a day, eat a good breakfast that; 11:00 There meal snacks, such as biscuits, honey, chocolate, etc.; noon workout from 12:00 to 13:00, after half an hour to rest, eat a meal, eat eight full assurance; then in the evening after work, eat a meal. Such Fencan from the overall reduction in food intake, for staying in shape, losing weight is very effective. But to do so, we must ensure that there is at least 7 pm to 9 hours of sleep. Otherwise, long-term effect on the brain and heart are negative.


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