Taking norfloxacin treatment of diarrhea should drink plenty of water


1 serving norfloxacin should pay attention to the water. Maintain 24-hour urine output in 1200 ml over the period when large doses of this drug or when urinary pH above 7, the body prone to crystallization of urine, so medication. 2 alkaline urine drug (such as sodium bicarbonate) will reduce the solubility of norfloxacin, resulting in crystallization of urine and kidney toxicity, so these two drugs can not be used simultaneously. In addition, contains calcium, iron, zinc, aluminum and magnesium drugs (such as calcium medicine, treatment of anemia drugs and antacids) should not be the same service with norfloxacin, preferably 2 hours before serving norfloxacin, or taking 6 hours before serving. 3 When treating diarrhea, probiotics combined with additional, we should first take norfloxacin, and then assisted to give probiotics to help restore microflora balance, between the two drugs recommended interval of two hours.


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