Hypertension suitable blowing air temperature


Summer is more tough for hypertensive patients than the average person. Under high temperature, agitated, dizzy, a move sweat. Therefore, many patients with hypertension naturally think of air conditioning, air conditioning will not only go into the house on the open, and even some patients will long ride home 24 hours a day to blow air conditioning. In this regard, experts have warned that the use of air conditioning in hypertensive patients should pay attention to the following points. When hypertensive patients using air conditioning, pay attention to three things: temperature, time, wind direction. Temperature must not be too low, to 27 ℃ is appropriate, not less than 25 ℃, indoor and outdoor temperature should not exceed 8 ℃, because the poor old body regulating resilience, excessive temperature changes continuously promote brain blood vessel contraction, expansion , easy to make blood vessels rupture; time not too long, try to avoid prolonged stay in air-conditioned rooms, air conditioning, open 1-3 hours off the best time, open the windows for fresh air. If this is not the best to every one hour outdoor corridor with windows for ventilation place; do not even stand to reheat air conditioning BARS blowing. Wind blowing up the best and avoid the cold blowing straight back, neck and head. In particular, the head has long been a cold wind, which could easily lead to the risk of blood runs sluggish, cardiac insufficiency. In addition, to measure blood pressure often best measured once daily each morning and evening. Do not feel cool in air-conditioned room is not water, once thirst, indicating the body has a serious water shortage, and usually it should add more water to prevent blood too thick, resulting in thrombosis or embolism.


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