Lunch breaks not too long


The desk in the office long nap tummy easily affect blood circulation, insufficient blood supply to the brain, causing cervical disease and facial paralysis. The best walk 20-30 minutes and then after lunch nap, every 20-40 minutes lunch break as well “.” Many people lunch together dizziness, tingling hands and feet, because nap caused by incorrect posture. “The doctor recommended that you use the pillow, using the back sleep position. For people who do not have a high-backed chair, you can use a soft pillow 7-10 cm high or clothing under the arm pad to sleep. Nap in general is not going to lead to facial paralysis. the main cause of facial paralysis is cold now young men tend to work, study and life stress, long day and night reversed, staying up late, kidney deficiency, immune dysfunction, decreased immunity. coupled with the ambient temperature is too low or lunch on his head face fan blow, over time it is easy to cause facial paralysis. ”


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